mart. 222010
And-o gav

And-o gav

Me sem andar-o gav. And-o gav mirro si but grasta, grastnă, baśne, guruva, gurumnă, xera, xernă, bale, bakre. Paś-o gav si jekh baro veś. Katha si but ruva, ruvnă, śośoja aj sapa. Paś-o veś si jekh pani thej jekh śukar kher. Opral-o pani si niśte kaśtune pòdură. Kothe aven but ćhave thaj rakle te khelen pen khetanes*. And-o gav si śukar.

1. Katar san tu?
2. So si and-o gav?
3. So si paś-o gav?
4. So si and-o veś?
5. So si paś-o veś?
6. So si opral-o pani ?
7. Sar si äl pòdură?
8. Kaj aven but ćhave thaj rakle?
9. Sar si and-o gav?

* te khelen pen khetanes să se joace împreună.


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  4 Responses to “010 And-o gav”

  1. sunt tiganca romanizata si stiu super bn tiganeste

  2. eu sunt bogata dar super calma am 11 ani
    va pup

  3. i am a gipsy from spain i teach rroman bur in spain there is not materials please can you help us
    me sim juan jose katar spain,musaj rroani pusitk te siklavav rromani, tu astis te ayutis mas?
    nais tuke

  4. Hi,
    The material that oyu have here is from a book used by scholars when they begin them studies (Abecedario). This is written by Gheorghe Sarău and was distributed by the Romanian Ministry of Education.
    Try to buy it on the net looking by the name of the author Gheorghe Sarău, many other excellent publication done by him or others can be found.
    This site is autaomatically translated by google into spanish and it can be uses as well (upper right corner Translate this Page and choose spanish translation).
    All my bests

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